This is

Shishu Neer Bangladesh

— a non-formal school for underprivileged children.

What We Do

A Nest for Children

Shishu Neer Bangladesh is creating scopes for more than 70 children to advance beyond primary education and receive secondary as well as higher education and/or vocational training.

Primary Education

Our children receive MoPME and NCTB-based primary education in a non-formal setting, enabling them to gain access to secondary education and beyond.

Health and Hygiene

They practice good hygiene (from brushing teeth to laundering clothes and taking baths) and receive medical care during illness. Every child gets a nutritious wholesome lunch on school days.


Our children also get technical and vocational education as well as training on ICT, English language, tailoring and embroidery, block-batik, among others.

For Underprivileged Children

Shishu Neer Bangladesh started off as a private initiative in 2007. It has since been working in Malibagh, Dhaka and its adjacent areas.

70+ Aspiring Children

We are creating scopes for 70+ children to advance beyond primary education, which necessarily means that 70+ families will be able to break out of poverty.

12 Years of Serving Children

We are witness to the fact that our children are aware about lifelong learning and they are bringing about substantial changes in their lives and the community they live in.

∞ Successes by Our Children

Governmental examinations such as PSC and JSC find our kids as good as the regular students, if not better. And in many extra academic activities, they continue to shine.

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