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Your support means the world to our children!

Aside from our success stories, we suffer from inconstant and dwindling funds to run our operations. We also face dropping out of children due to their parents becoming unable to survive in the city and many other reasons. We also suffer from underage marriages, initiated either by the parents or by the children themselves via elopement. We also lack space, proper compensation for the faculty and the staff. Nevertheless, we cannot stop our endeavour to see a better world for our children, we just cannot.

We endeavour to set up a shelter home someday, we endeavour to have a stable and constant source of funds, we endeavour to increase our catchment area and bring our operations to many more children who need it. We endeavour by employing effort and perspicacity to build a place — a country where every child is safe and happy. With your help, Shishu Neer Bangladesh can continue to provide life-changing opportunities to children in dire straits. As we said: your support means the world.

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